Pre-Wired Polarized Nano Connectors

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The Polarized Nano series is the most compact arrangement yet coming out of Omnetics Connector Corporation. The insulators are designed to hold one row of pins and one row of sockets. This configuration effectively polarizes the connector without the additional space required for guide pins.

The .025" (.64 mm) spacing and mil quality, gold plated contact system makes this one of the smallest Hi-Rel connectors on the market today. The Polarized nano series is available in 4 to 24 position sizes.

Termination options include: Pre-Wiring, Straight tail, Horizontal SMT, and Vertical SMT.


6 Position Polarized Nano
Wired and SMT

Electrical Mechanical Specifications
Temperature: -55ºC to 125ºC (200ºC with HTE)
Current: 1 amp per contact
Insulation Resistance: 5,000 Megohms min @100 VDC
Contact Resistance: 71 milliohms (25 mV) max @ 1.0 amp
Shock: 100 G’s, no discontinuity greater than 10 nanoseconds
Vibration: 20 G’s, no discontinuity greater than 10 nanoseconds
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 250 VAC RMS

Material Specifications
Shell Material And Finish: Gold plate per ASTM B488, Type II (Hard Gold),
Code C, Class 1.27 (.000050)
Thickness = .00005” (1.27 μm)
Insulator: Thermoplastic Polyester, MIL-M-24519, Type GLCP-30F
Pin: Beryllium Copper per ASTM B194, Alloy C17200
Socket: Copper Alloy per MIL-DTL-83513