Omnetics Conntector FAQ

Below are some Omnetics Connector FAQ's.

What is the current rating of your connectors?
How many mating cycles can your connectors withstand?
Can we terminate our own wires?
Why can’t I find drawings of my part on your website?
I want to order per your catalog description, why do you need to assign a custom part #?
Why do you call your sockets “male” and pins “female”?
Are your connectors RoHS compliant?
What is your lead time?
Does Omnetics supply QPL connectors?
Does Omnetics build Space Qualified parts?
Are Omnetics’ connectors suitable for Medical applications?
What is a Bi-Lobe® connector?
What is Omnetics minimum order size?
Does Omnetics offer overmolded solutions?
Space Technology Connectors

Rugged, Reliable, Low-outgassing.Application includes space robotics, satellite camera electronics, special sensor cable systems and much more.

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Strip Connectors

Omnetics Micro & Nano Strip Connectors

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