Application Capabilities - Flex Pin Technology

The Pin Designed for High-Reliability Ultra-Miniature Connector Applications.

The Pin Designed for High-Reliability Ultra-Miniature Connector Applications: Omnetics specifically designed and manufactured their flex-pins for Military, Space and Medical applications. Pin configuration is a key in design to maintain flexibility and low contact resistance. The cantilever spring pin uses a two leaf design. One end of each leaf is fixed while the other end is floating. Pin length and cross-sectional area are larger than most other designs to give higher mate-demate life and to sustain a more constant insertion and withdrawal force. The tapered geometry assures a gradual deflection that minimizes unnecessary high insertion forces and improves the range of inter-mate alignment to the socket system. The two sizes of the pin featured, are designed to mate to Industry Standard Sockets for both Micro, (.050"), and Nano. (.025") pitch, connector technologies. MIL-DTL-32139 shock and vibration testing is certified for both sizes of Omnetics connectors. Full connector test specifications are available upon request.


Material Selection: The BeCu pins meet the ASTM B194 specification and have a minimum tensile strength at 120,000 ksi. Pins are then gold plated per ASTM B488, type II to assure long term contact integrity.

Mating Force: It is typically 2-3 ounces per contact.
Contact Resistance: It is typically 5 milliohms for Micro connectors and 15 milliohms for Nano connectors.

Intermating: Pin sizes fit Mil. Standards and will intermate with other standard socket designs in the Micro and Nano industry.

Nano-D Connectors

Omnetics Nano-D / Bi-Lobe® connectors are now available with a quick latch system. These latches require no tools and offer great ease in handling.

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Circular Nano Break Away

Omnetics nano series of circular connectors are now available in a break away configuration. These connectors are the smallest Mil-Quality circulars available today.

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