Omnetics Capabilities

Omnetics Application Capabilities in Different Technology Fields

Petroleum Technology Application Capabilities

Explore Omnetics Application Capabilities in Different Technology Fields such as

process capabilities Process Capabilities
  • Overmolding
  • Vapor Reflow Soldering
  • Flex to Connector Assemblies
  • Complete Testing and Data Logging
  • Cable & Harness Assemblies
  • Custom Connector Design
technocal data Technical Data

Being dedicated to the design and manufacture of quality micro-miniature and nano-miniature connectors. Omnetics Connector Corporation has chosen the highest quality materials, not only for their excellent electrical characteristics, but also for their low outgassing properties. Check our technical data.

additional technology Additional Technologies

  • Special Wire, Ribbon and Cable Attachment
  • Flex Cable Coordination and Design Support
  • EMI Shielding for Cable and Flex Interconnects
  • Over-molding, strain-relief and Instrument handle design
  • SMT & Connector Process Information
  • Micro to Nano Cable Design
technocal data Medical Connectors

Neuroscientists around the world are making great strides in unlocking the mysteries of the brain. This resarch is crucial in developing treatments for a plethora of neurological disorders. Omnetics is doing its part to assist the neuro world in search for answers. Omnetics offers standards in 9, 18 and 36 position strip nano connectors, as well as 6, 11, 16 and 28 position nano circulars

Cable Harness Cable Harness Solutions

Omnetics specializes in miniature connectors and small wire-gage interconnects. A variety of cable harness markets are serviced by Omnetics. Medical, military/defense, aerospace, space, industrial – each market has unique and demanding requirements. Omnetics is well suited to meet the cable harness needs of our customers, with IPC-610 and IPC-620 trained workers on-site. Our experienced staff of sales, engineering, and manufacturing professionals makes cable harness projects a hassle-free experience

cables Cables

Omnetics Connector Corporation can take an active approach to servicing the cable requirements of our customers. Our miniature connectors are used with cables in a diverse array of applications, which means we have experience working with and designing cables in a wide spectrum of industries:

Introducing Micro-D Series

Highly rugged and compact designs in shell styles from 9 to 51 contacts.

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Strip Connectors

Omnetics Micro & Nano Strip Connectors

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